Blue Dress. Pattern 130, Burda 7/2004

For a couple of years now, I have had an idea to create a colorful and comfortable dress…even more, I already have a piece of blue batiste in my stash that would be perfect for it. However, just a few weeks ago, this idea came true. I love this casual boho-chic dress that can be worn out-and-about during spring, summer, or even early fall.


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Corduroy Skirt. Pattern 136 Burda 5/2003

I love Burda magazine patterns… for their fit, style, easy instructions, and it is easy to make fit adjustments if needed.

I like to change some of the design details and to use the same pattern with a variety of fabrics. One of the examples of those mash-ups is a chiffon skirt Burda pattern (5/2003, 136). I decided to make this skirt from corduroy fabric and without lining.

I am also a member of the inspirational Burda Style community.


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